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2022                      Suwon International Art project ONSAEMIRO, Korea

2022                      The Big RUW! Show, HilbertRaum, Berlin, Germany

2022                      Extreme Art, Photography, Pulchri Salon, The Hague

2022                      installation: " 21 Sachets d' Amour," Weissenbruch zaal, The Hague
2022                      Back to Normal, The Hague Contemporary Art weekend, The Hague   

2022                      Open, during #68 Hoogtij, installation Objet Trouvé, Quartair, The Hague

2022                      24.Hours NYC, Hok gallery

2022                      Ruw, 24 Hours NYC, Hok gallery, The Hague
2022                      To the Moon and Back and Back Again, Gallery in Space, Moongallery test flight, Nasa,Wallops, Virginia, U.S.A. 


2021                      installation':'I am being Thought," The Grey Space in the Middle, Vrije academie-Psychopolis, The Hague

2021                      Hok gallery, Breaking the Mold, The Hague
2021                      Air Gallery, GLEX, Saint- Petersburg, Russia
2021                      Haagse kunstkring, Vrije academie-Psychopolis, The Hague
2021                      Installation: René J.A 115305 C, mixed media, photography, sculpture, Klinkenbergaleries, The Hague

2021                      Moongallery:The Bridge II, Circulair Paviljoen, The Field, Leiden

2021                      Nominated; Jacob Hartog Prijs 2021, Pulchri Studio, The Hague 

2021                      Moongallery the Bridge,PLNT, Leiden             


2020                      Solo-exposition: "The Studio," Villa Grijpsheert, The Hague
2020                      Linked Objects, Hoogtij #63, Quartair, The Hague

2020                      Geen bloem zonder wortel, Hoogtij #62, Quartair, The Hague
2020                      Moon Gallery, Close Cosmos, Old Observatory, Leiden

2020                      Solo-exposition:” One Minute, “ Hok Gallery, The Hague

2020                      Sarajevo Winterfestival, “ Time for you-pick up Art, Nine Dragon Heads, Sarajevo, Bosnia

2020                      Moon gallery Garden, Zone2Source, Het Glazenhuis, Amsterdam

2020                      "Papa René 2020," 456 caps, Kunst Centrum Haarlem


2019                      Prague Design Week, "To the Moon and Back and Back again," sculpture, mixed media,  Prague, Chech Republic

2019                      IGLUNA habitat in ice, Moon Gallery, sculpture, mixed media, Zermatt, Switserland

2019                      Design Biënnale,  To the Moon and Back and Back again, photography, sculpture, mixed media, Milano, Italy

2019                      Sustainability art, installation, " Papa René 2019." 465 Caps, photography, mixed media, Centrum Beeldende kunst, Amsterdam

2019                      Moon Gallery, Hoogtij#57, sculpture, Quartair

2019                      Sustainability art, Papa Rene 2019, 465 caps, mixed media, CBK, Amsterdam

2019                      Tiny Book, " Papa René 6 collectable cars," mixed media, the library, Tecnische Universiteit, Delft

2019                      Moon Gallery, Photography, Space expo, Noordwijk

2019                      Forever is composed of Nows, photography, Pulchri Studio, The Hague


2018                       Exposition:’Klein pakje kunst in het Groot,”  The Hague

2018                       Moon Gallery, Estec, Noordwijk 

2018                       Solo-exposition, Try out installation; ”Papa René,”  mixed media, photography, sculpture, “Villa Te Koop,” The Hague

2018                       Beweegredenen, Pulchri Studio, The Hague  

2018                       Ruw !, presentation #2,  Serendipitiy, during Hoogtij #55, The Hague


2016                      Nominated: Van Ommeren de Voogt Prijs 2016, Pulchri Studio, The Hague

2016                      Personal Relations: International miniature portrait exhibition, The Chello factory,  London, United Kingdom

2016                      Route du Nord, Noordsingel jail  & Souterrain Zoho, Rotterdam


2015                      Exit Gemak, All art is political, Gemak, The Hague
2014                      Stand out to Sea: ‘’Havenkunst,’’ Havenmuseum, Rotterdam
2013                      Partje Barel, Haags Cultureel Festival, The Hague


2012                      Naked, Weissenbruchzaal /Hardenbergzaal,  Pulchri Studio, The Hague

2012                      Photo exhibition:’’ In ’t voorbijgaan,’’ curator Wim van Sinderen, Weissenbruchzaal /Hardenbergzaal, Pulchri Studio, The Hague 

2012                      Operandi, installation:” Studio Dana LaMonda,” photography,mixed media, during Hoogtji #27, Gemak, Vrije Academie, The Hague

2012 - 2019           Voor- en Najaarssalon, Pulchri Studio, The Hague      

2012                      The Fence, Photoville Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, New York, USA

2012                      Mode, Dandyisme en ‘t Nachtleven, Voorhoutgalerie, Pulchri Studio, The Hague

2012                      Open atelier route, Moving Art Up, The Hague

2012                      The Evolution of Arts, Klinkenberg galerie, Pulchri Studio, The Hague


2009                      Solo-exposition:”EVA,” Scheveningen

2008                      Beeldenpark De Paauw:’’Hoogspanning,’’ installation, curator David Bade, Wassenaar

2008                      Theater De Appel:”Ithaka mijn huis,’’ installation, curator Peter Otto,  The Hague


2011                      Solo-exposition:”Pazazz,” Hoogtij #25, Vrije Academie, The Hague

2011                      Museum Muzee, Scheveningen and Kunstroute 2011, The Hague


2017                     De Orient 2.0, Pulchri Studio The Hague, Hoogtij #51

2017                     Solo-exposition;”’ The Velvet Zone 2017,” Hardenbergzaal, Pulchri Studio The Hague, exposition out of nomination

2017                     Personal Relations: International miniature portrait exhibition, Mirror Gallery,  Vincenza, Italy

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