One Minute

One Minute will be on view Thursday 16 July - Saturday 8 August 2020.


Moon Gallery

What are the ideas that we want to promote into the future? 

What are the ideas that we want to leave behind?

Papa René

René, a true collector, moved to a small space in a residential care centre and had to renounce his collections.

Tiny book

6 Collectable cars

Collection of 33 pictures

''The Velvet Zone 2017''

Installation existing out of thousands Black&White images mounted on the wall in collage form.

Vanishing Point


Van Ommeren - de Voogt price, 2016

Being in Dubai 

This serie of pictures is taken while I was following a traditional family in Dubai.

The Streets

This serie of pictures is taken while traveling around the world.

The Velvet Zone

These pictures are taken over a period of nine months while I integrated in a world that intrigued me.

Girls on  stairway

This serie is taken during The Velvet Zone project.


The books were placed with their backs facing the wall, to hide the titles and free them from what they are ‘supposed to be’


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